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Friday, 21 March 2014

Fradley To Rugeley

Watching the weather forecast for the latter part of this week it seems that the mornings were to be rain free so taking this on board we decided to move off sharpish each morning and get ourselves settled and 'ship shape' for when the heavens open.   I am now comfortably ensconced in Yarwood's  back cabin while the wind and rain lash the outside of the boat..

 Joe taking Yarwood around to the left at Fradley Junction and on towards Rugeley

We set off from Fradley Junction yesterday morning, it was bright if a bit breezy..., read very breezy! 

I scurried in the opposite direction to get the dogs safely across the canal via a bridge rather than a lock gate; I never encourage the dogs across locks, they wait where I tell them while I operate the locks on our journeys.  On the one occasion where Fletcher went into a lock, from a lock gate I might add, it was not easy to rescue a panicked five stone Labrador but fortunately lessons have been learnt and both dogs behave impeccably at locks but we are consistent, no crossing lock gates ever!
Jogging up the towpath towards our first lock there was a boat descending so we got Yarwood on the lock landing and I went up to help the single handler through.  I could see another boat waiting to come down and it looked familiar..  It was Nb. Compass Rose another Barn Owl Narrowboats the same boat fitter as Caxton and Yarwood.

 Compass Rose, Barn Owl boat number 5 originally built for an artist so the saloon had been a studio

 Shade House lock, the second of the day, ready and waiting for Yarwood
 Passing through Fradley Wood
 Wood End Lock, the third and last of yesterday's cruise

 Emerging from Armitage 'tunnel'

 Rugeley 'B' coal fired Power Station, those cooling towers dominate the town

Moored just short of bridge 66 in Rugeley and at bridge 66 there is now a new 24hr Tesco!

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