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Monday 17 March 2014

Down the Atherstone Eleven

We set off a little after nine this morning, it was a bright and sunny day and fortunately remained so throughout the day.

 Passing Harts Hill historic maintenance yard with its iconic clock tower

 As we approached the top lock at Atherstone we spied Nb. Milly M, Maffi's boat moored up.

 Waiting at the top lock
We planned to service the boat at the top of the locks but were beaten to it by another crew so we waited patiently and then along came Maffi and his dog Molly. As soon as we had serviced the boat Maffi reappeared and helped me lock Yarwood down the first five locks.

 Maffi trying to get Molly to sit
 Maffi having given up the dog obedience stuff
Maffi Nil: Molly one
 I had got my trusty wheels out to do the flight ( Maffi not impressed) and after the first five locks we moored up while I headed into town to get some provisions from Aldi.  That done, we had a quick lunch break before setting off again to complete the flight.

 Check out this photo....A DOG WITH TWO TAILS!!!
 Moored up just past Grendon Dock


  1. Jill said: he always was pleased with life bless him!

    1. Yes indeed and it is small wonder. Our dogs have it made living this life as do we of course.
      X Lesley

  2. So where did you get the other dog's tail from?

    1. I haven't manipulated the shot at all. When I loaded the photo there was a two tailed Fletcher; he must have wagged at just the right moment!
      X lesley

    2. Your camera is probably like mine - in certain lights it takes more than one photo and then combines them. Makes it very difficult taking photos of fluttering flags and the like!

    3. Wot, you don't believe I have a dog with two tail? Next you will be decrying, elves and Santa Claus whatever next Adam...?
      X Lesley


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