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Saturday 22 March 2014

Shugborough for the weekend

Another day when the weather was forecast to be rather more conducive to boating in the morning  than the afternoon and how true.  Lovely sunny start to the day with moderate wind but showers and stiff gusts this afternoon.

Yesterday morning I was going into Tesco's at 7.15am and dodging around the cleaners and shelf stackers to get fresh food that will see us through into next week.  Forty minutes later I was dumping the bags on the boat and changing trainers for walking boots as we set off towards Shugborough and Great Haywood and our weekend destination.

 The new Tesco store, open 24hrs and convenient access from Bridge 66 on the T&M.

 Nanook like, Joe faces the day

Walking along Brindley Bank towards the Aqueduct that crosses the River Trent, the river a constant companion to the canal throughout this stretch.
 Tramping along the towpath of the Trent and Mersey this past couple of days has been such a pleasure...post Nuneaton on the Coventry wasn't too bad either come to think of it..
I have a big grin plastered to my face, oops, men in white coats approaching...

 Crossing Brindley Bank aqueduct

 A fine display of daffodils at Navigation Farm, Br 72 Little Haywood

Moored at Shugborough


  1. I would have a big grin plastered on my face too!! There appears to have been an inordinate amount of boating done this week. In a hurry? Have been discussing boating plans with our boat sharers. Roll on 5 April.....

    1. Heading for Aston Marina ahead of next weekend. We wanted to spend time at Shugborough so we are enjoying four night here before slowly moving on.
      Where you off to on 5th April?
      X Lesley

  2. Any luck with the Ghurka/compass swap? Jill x

    1. Jill
      I don't know where I am anymore but the Gurkha is secured in my bottom drawer...
      I will have to remember to feed him.
      X Lesley
      ( people will wonder what the hell we are on about!)


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