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Friday 28 March 2014

Day two at Aston Marina

Taking advantage, as one does, of the electric umbilical cord i.e. shore power, all the washing is now completely up to date, dog bedding smelling fragrant, though not the dogs as yet and the boat has been vacuumed from stem to stern.  With poor weather forecast for the afternoon I set about washing and waxing Yarwood's starboard side, the port side having been done at the weekend.  Whilst I was polishing the boat Paul (Nb. Caxton) came over to say hello and fix a time to meet up later in the day.   With chores completed Joe and I and the dogs then walked along the towpath into Stone and got a few bits before stopping at The Star for a pint and a sandwich.

 The Star, a lock side pub in Stone
The afternoon delivered the promised awful weather and it was still chucking it down at six when Elaine and Paul joined us on Yarwood for what Paul refers to as a 'sticky beak', i.e. a look around.  By seven the rain had eased somewhat but by no means ceased so we went off in their car to The Three Crowns for dinner and a mega catch-up.  It has only taken two years for all four of us to get together and we are going to take full advantage of our current location and plan to go out again after we get back from our Family weekend in Essex.
 Post Dinner at The Three Crowns
l-r Lesley, Joe, Elaine and Paul
Photographer for the evening..and, excellent host


  1. Pauls glass still has ale in it! must be unusual!

  2. Andy
    By the time the flash had gone off that glass was emptied!


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