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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday layover at Norton Junction

I awoke to the sound of birds singing in our tree lined mooring of last night and that was rather pleasant... until a duck decided to join the refrain...
I got up and made tea.
It was Sunday so we watched the News and I cooked breakfast before toddling off with the dogs for a walk down the Buckby flight leaving Himself to vacuum and run the dishwasher.
The Buckby flight is currently closed to navigation undergoing maintenance repairs through the winter stoppage programme.

 Drained Buckby pound
 The draining has exposed ground paddles

 Someone who didn't expect the lack of water - Lycra clad canoeist with an extended portage to deal with...

A grounded work boat
After walking the dogs I waxed and polished one side of the boat before dragging Joe off to refurbished The New Inn at the top of the Buckby flight for a pint...
or two. 
And now ..
a snooze before cooking dinner I think.

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