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Wednesday 12 March 2014

It's where it started..

Setting off this morning we were well wrapped up.  The chilly morning mist lingered as we worked our way down the Hillmorton flight in the company of Nb. Tui, a single handler who was very efficient.  Both boats were heading towards the Tesco's at Brownsover and as we arrived the sun won its battle and the mist cleared.

 Leaving our overnight mooring above Hillmorton locks
 Tui and Yarwood working down the paired locks....supervised by Floyd

 Moored up on the offside at Brownsover and setting off to 'do' Tesco's
With the food shopping done Joe left me to get it put away while he went off to buy important things in Wickes.  We had a quick lunch then set off towards Brinklow Marina where we are staying overnight.  We had been contacted by Derek and Sheila who were fellow moorers at Brinklow Marina when we first started this boating nonsense.  It seems Derek and Sheila want to take their boat, Nb. Clarence, over to the Fens this summer and were seeking some guidance.  So tonight we are off out to a pub of Derek's choice, armed with navigation guides, keys and the specific windlass they will need for their adventure. 

 Entering Brinklow Marina


  1. Hi Lesley and joe We are sorry to have missed you,we will be arriving at brinklow on Sunday for a trip down the ashby maybe our paths will cross in the summer
    Richard and sharon (nb oakapple)

  2. Sorry to have missed you. We are going north for the first part of the summer but heading back into Braunston for July so we may well meet.
    Happy cruising


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