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Sunday 2 March 2014

Busy Bees on the Arm

For the last couple of weeks C&RT have been busy bees with a team clearing trees and vegetation on the Market Harborough Arm and their efforts and progress was evident as I walked the towpath towards Foxton yesterday.

 Market Harborough Arm approaching Great Bowden and C&RT have been busy cutting  back vegetation as you can see above.  

 Here is a bit that the team have yet to deal with
 We moored up for the weekend just short of Foxton in the middle of nowhere
We woke this morning to a very different weather pattern compared to the fog and sunshine of Saturday. A leisurely breakfast and a dose of Andrew Marr on BBC1 were enjoyed before I prepared myself and took the dogs out for a walk. We headed out across fields towards the village of Gumley which sits on a rise overlooking the Foxton Lock flight.

 C&RT have been busy at Foxton putting in a new length of mooring rings along the Arm by Black Horse Bridge.
 Mooring ring ready for use
 Mooring ring nearly ready for use
Sunday lunch was taken at The Black Horse Foxton and very nice too.
We are now happily relaxing by the fire aboard Yarwood while the wind and rain lash the boat and the light draws in at the end of our second day out and about again.  Tomorrow we head off up the locks.


  1. Very leisurely cruising can I say!!

  2. You can and it is...
    Wait until you are out here full time and you will find that you will take a leaf out of our book!
    XX Lesley


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