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Monday 24 March 2014

A walk through Tixall and a Basset Hound called Solo

This morning post breakfast, a shower and a quick tidy through the boat I set off to walk the dogs.  It was a crisp, clear, sunny day following a clear night that left the ground frosted.  Yesterday we had headed off up into Cannock chase so today I set off to do a circular walk along the Staffs and Worcs canal, through Tixall wide and back through the Shugborough Estate.  As I approached Haywood lock there was a boat coming through so I paused to help them before continuing to the junction and turning left under the bridge on to the Staffs and Worcs canal.

 Approaching Great Haywood Junction
 Out on the wide I passed a fellow bloggers boat Marpessa 2 This is Emma and Nick's boat and of course Murk the dog.  Murk barked as my pair passed the boat but otherwise all was quiet.

 This is a memorial to Beau a boating Basset Hound.  The owners have planted a tree at the wide in his memory.

 Tixall Gate House viewed from across the wide.  The House this served is long gone but if the magnificent building is the 'gate' what would the 'house' have been like?

 Tixall wide, with Marpessa2 in the background.  apparently the canal was widened to look like a lake from Tixall House.
With my circumnavigation complete it was time for a quick refreshing cuppa and then out came the bucket etc. and I washed and waxed Yarwood before heading off to the village and a pint in The Clifford Arms.

 The boys awaiting there pork scratchings

 On the way back to the boat we met the couple on Nb. Cousin Jack who had planted the memorial tree for their Basset, Beau.  Here is Solo their latest boating Basset Hound.

 Pork scratchings all round then
 Fourteen month old Solo
And again...

I have a real fondness for this breed as we had a Basset Hound, Sara, when I was a child.

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