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Saturday 8 March 2014

Farewell Crick, Hello Norton Junction!

We left Crick this morning, calling at the services block to do the necessaries and then headed off towards the tunnel and Watford locks.  However, whilst in Crick yesterday we took full advantage of our proximity to The Red Lion and treated ourselves to lunch.  The dogs came too and were made a big fuss of and whilst they waited patiently at our feet for their share of a packet of pork scratchings we tucked into a home made steak pie, (Joe) and a butternut squash crumble (Me) all served with fresh cabbage, carrots and potatoes, and all for £5 per meal! The pub was doing a good trade for a small village on a Friday lunch time. 

 Crick wharf services
That will be the entrance to Crick Tunnel ahead
 I stayed on board Yarwood with the dogs whilst we went through the tunnel, getting out at the first available bridge hole once we were through.   It was quite cold and overcast as we started our journey but by the time we reached Watford locks the sun was trying to make its presence known.

 Plenty of these little guys about now

 A stretch of newly layered hedge just before Watford locks

 Moored and awaiting our turn to go down the flight.
I walked down to find the lock keeper who was overseeing two boats on their way up.  Joe and I joined them and helped out with gates and paddles and then it was our turn to go down the flight.

 First lock
 Floyd checking that his Dad is OK with the boat before giving the order to close the gates

 My Boys!

 Lots of this bank repair using dredged materials
We moored up just short of Norton Junction and had a belated breakfast before I found the bucket and sponge and gave the 'dirty' side of the boat a wash down to remove four months worth of winter grime.  I gave my boots a scrub with the remains of the water before I then took myself off for a long and deliciously hot shower, wonderful.

 Scrubbed boots
And a scrubbed boat!


  1. Hi Lesley
    What a shame. Chris and I were aboard AmyJo in Crick marina last night. Had we known you were so close we would have said hello.

  2. Hi Steve
    I am sure our paths will cross in the future and we can get acquainted then. Enjoy your lovely boat and the cruising that goes with it.


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