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Friday 21 March 2014

Meeting at the 'Mucky Duck'

As arranged, we met fellow boaters/bloggers John and Louise, AND Jasper the Border Terrier, in The Swan (Mucky Duck) at Fradley Junction.   Joe and I got there early to ensure a table and were just in the process of forcing a pint of Pedigree down our throats when we saw a big black mean Audi drive past the window; they're here we said, and moments later a wee dog dragged John and Louise into the bar.
Sorting out what we were going to order for our evening meals threw the bar staff into meltdown as they climbed up on chairs to remove meal options from the chalk boards, argue over whether the 'new potatoes' were in season or even whether they had any.. All this in good humour I might add and in short order our meals turned up.
Whilst this was all going on a group or three of leather clad bikers turned up and added to the general banter and then I spotted one of the group heading for the door with of all things, a tray with a pot of tea, an incongruous sight
I mugged him and he obliged me and posed for a photo.

 Leather and Lipton's

 Louise, Jasper and John
 Back on board  Yarwood Jasper meets Floyd and Fletcher and poses with Joe.  I am really rather taken with borders, so boat sized!  Sadly Louise and John saw through me and made sure that Jasper didn't get lost on Yarwood.

John and Louise and a glimpse of Jasper
We had a lovely evening and no doubt will meet up again on the cut somewhere this year..
happy cruising folks!

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