Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No sooner in, than we are out again!

We overnighted in Braunston last night because we had an appointment to see Phil Abbott of Wharf House Narrowboats this morning.   Phil came over to see us a few weeks ago discuss changes we want made to Yarwood and today we were just finalising things and fixing a date for the work to be done.  Come July we will be back in Braunston and leaving Yarwood in their capable hands for a couple of weeks.   That done we can now focus on cruising so we left Braunston and set off along the North Oxford Canal towards Hillmorton.

 Leaving 'town'

 I loved the way the sunshine lit up the brickwork of this bridge

The dogs and I tramped the towpath for two hours and decided to call it a day just above the locks at Hillmorten.  We will drop down tomorrow and get a big Tesco shop down at Brownsover.  Joe also wants to call in to a couple of the 'sheds', for vital 'things'.

 We passed Nb. Arcangel, our locking companions of yesterday, moored on their home mooring at Barby Straight

And here we be, finished for today


  1. Oooh heading our way....i.e. north !! Have you got a rough route in mind so we can look out / meet up ??

    John & Louise x

  2. Hi you two
    We will be up your way next week enroute to Aston Marina for 27th March. We have arranged car hire and a 'surprise' visit to Mum for Mothers Day.
    I will give you a call when we are getting close.
    X Lesley


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